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Are you ready to Live

Your Best Orgasmic Life?

„YES, of course! No doubt about it!

How can I do this if…

… I have not experience orgasm yet?

… I have shame around sexuality?

… I have pain in my pelvis and in my vagina?

… I have numbness down there?

… I do not have sexual desire?

… I  have no partner to have sex with?

… I cannot relax and I am always in my mind?

… I always have performance anxiety?


Are you a powerful woman, who wants to get out of her mind, and into her body to reconnect with your pleasure and create an orgasmic life?


Then this is for you!


In this Free Online Mini-course

I will show you

What an orgasmic life look like

What are the myths around orgasm and orgasmic life

No matter where are you and how you feel about orgasm right now, you are able to experience orgasm and orgasmic life

How to surrender in your being to experience orgasmic life

Simple techniques to awaken your orgasmic capacity

Because you are an orgasmic being.

Orgasm and living an orgasmic life is your birth right!

Why it is hard to imagine that is possible for you?

Because as a woman we have learnt how to do, how to serve other, how to be always busy, how to become masculine to survive.
Living an orgasmic life is not a “doing” thing, it is the “art of being” while you are creating harmony between doing and being.


Just imagine…

  • You could be a sexually attractive without pain guilt and shame.
  • You can learn how to connect with YOUR pure orgasmic power.
  • You can feel confident in your feminine body.
  • You can use your orgasmic energy, to feel turned on

in all areas of life and


The secret of living an orgasmic life is

naturally inside of you. What you need it to discover is your orgasmic treasure.

I am here to support you in this incredible journey and I will show the first step during this Mini-course.


Who I am?


Orgasm Coach
Sexual Trauma Healing and Grief Specialist
Certified Sex, Love and Relationship Coach

I help high-achieving women to feel safe being emotionally intimate with men & enjoying sexual pleasure, by healing their sexual trauma and ending the power games of love.

I was also there ….

to devote myself to the crumbs of visible love and attention, just paying attention to the lack and working hard for everything.

Shame, secrets, lies (mostly by deceiving myself that everything is fine and I know more, I don’t deserve better) have soaked my everyday life.

I hated, abused, and poisoned my body so much that I was completely numb both physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

And my life has come to a standstill several times, because of my “good little inner girl” I wanted to meet everyone’s requirements and I was the last on my to-do list.

Sometimes, of course, the hysterical drama queen exploded or my emotions like a volcano. I turned off a lot of things, “no one understood me,” “I’m just that junk,”

I was so important at all levels of self-hatred, shame, humiliation, and guts at the age of 30, and all area of my life completely collapsed.


That was the point when I started to change my perspective,

 my relationship with myself, and completely reassessed my whole life so far.


Which was not a fairy tale walking, but I am grateful for every moment, for all the teaching (even if I didn’t feel that way at all in the difficult moments) because without it, I would not be able to become who I am today!

For the last 15+ years, I have had the opportunity to learn femininity, different methodologies of sacred sexuality, resolving traumas and mourning processing, and high-quality, world-class representation from the world’s TOP teachers and masters.

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