Live Your Best Orgasmic Life!
6-week Mastery Programme


Are you ready to your most Exquisite Journey to Live Your Best Orgasmic Life and Unlock Your Wildest Dreams by becoming The Orgasmic Woman you were born to be?


YES, of course! No doubt about it!



How can I do this if...

… I have not experienced orgasm yet?

… I have shame around sexuality?

… I have pain in my pelvis and in my vagina?

… I have numbness down there?

… I do not have sexual desire?

… I  have no partner to have sex with?

… I cannot relax and I am always in my mind?

… I always have performance anxiety?

… I am so busy and do not have time for myself?

Are you a powerful woman, who wants to get out of her mind, and into her body to reconnect with your pleasure and create an orgasmic life?

Let’s break through

shame and toxic connections with female pleasure and orgasm!

Let’s dispel myths

around female pleasure and step into your orgasmic creation power!

Let’s create safety

around your sexuality and be confident!

Let’s create

a solid foundation for Your Brand New Orgasmic LifeStyle!

You are an Orgasmic Creation of Nature! Orgasm and Living an Orgasmic Life is YOUR BIRTH RIGHT!

Why it is hard to imagine that is possible for you?

Because as a woman we have learnt how to do, how to serve other, how to be always “good girls” and in a “doing-mode”, how to be a strong masculine, “mulfifunctional woman” to survive.

Living an Orgasmic Life is not a “doing” thing, it is the “art of being” while you are creating harmony between doing and being.

The Secret of Living an Orgasmic Life is naturally inside of you. What you need it to discover and bring up Your Orgasmic Treasure.

I am here to support you in this incredible 6 weeks journey and I will show the way to Your Big-Orgasmic LifeStyle step-by-step.


Just imagine…


You could be a sexually attractive and radiant in safe without fear, pain, shame or guilt.

You can learn how to connect with YOUR Pure Orgasmic Power.

You can feel Confident in your feminine body.

You can use Your Orgasmic Energy, to Feel TURNED ON in all areas of life and



Here You are in the Perfect Spot, if YOU ARE READY TO HAVE IT ALL!

How the Live Your Best Orgasmic Life!

6-week Mastery Programme works?

In this Mastery Programme you will be given the exquisite loving, unjudgmental and supporting space and the tools to be a Master Your Orgasmic LifeStyle!

What is

The EMPRESS-O Method?

The key is to find the core wounds and bring true healing in the moment on body-mind-emotion-soul-spirit level.


As I am fully present with you during the session to work with the best combination of the healing methods which lead to the perfect results and the real transformation.


What does E-M-P-R-E-S-S–O stands for? Find out here >>

E for...

Embrace confidence in your body and self-love

M for...

Magnet sexual energy manifestation

P for...

Purify your yoni from pain, insensibility and traumas

R for ...

Rejuvenates your reproductive system

E for...

Empower your feminine essence

S for...

Strengthen your healthy boundaries

S again for...

Supercharge your pleasure

O for...

Overcome unworthiness and unsafety around your sexuality

You will be given a high-quality, world-class step-by-step holistic-approached Programme where you will be able to step out from your “playing small” life


Week 1

Open up and receive!

What is the Big-O-LifeStyle?

What are the Myths of Orgasm and Big-O-LifeStyle?

What are the essentials of the Big-O-LifeStyle?


Unlock your hidden treasure of pleasure!

Let’s clear your pleasure limitations!

Let’s get out of your head and start to enjoy your body!

Let’s kick the ass of shame, guilt and other self-sabotages!

Let’s transform the limitations into limitlessness!


Enjoy Your Pleasure in your five senses!

How to awaken your five senses and enjoy pleasure in the five senses?

What are the fears around living in the five senses reality?

Why we shut down our sense and blocking our Pleasureful Life?

Week 4

Loving My Body – Loving My LIFE!

What is the connection the body-love and start to fully LIVE?

Let’s reframe the “love yourself” movements and let me show you how to experience it truly!

Most of us are not living really, just in the survive mode. We learn this week how to step out the conditionally-loved and self-love sabotage programmes and self-hatred patterns and truly commit to the enjoyable LOVING LifeStyle.


Unleash your sexual energies!

Deeper transformation of fears, shame and guilt around sexual energies and orgasm.

Step into your sexual power and embody your worthiness!

Discover a new dimension of your sexual energies!

Week 6

Mastering Your Orgasmic Capacity!

Learn how to stop comparing yourself to others and..

Create Your OWN Orgasmic Lifestyle no matter what…(was in the past, what others are saying about it…)!

Leave your “playing small” life behind and start you BIG-O LIFE!

The last missing pieces expand your orgasmic capacity and become a Master of Her!

Let the Luxury Life you desire be your Norm!



1. Six 120-min LIVE Calls

A 120 minutes Live Calls every week with exercises that you can do safely at home right away. You will receive everything you need to fully transform your “old life” and create a BRAND NEW ORGASMIC LIFESTYLE” and Let the Luxury Life you desire be your Norm!

During the Mastery Programme we will work holistically: with our body, emotions, senses, mind, soul, chakras, energy fields through various meditation, mindfulness, breathwork, body-work, with body-mind-soul-spirit moving-cleansing-healing-transforming-uplifting-elevating methods, bringing the ancient eastern wisdom into our modern busy western world and create magic in our LIFE!


You can ask your questions, share your experiences, insights and I will support you every step on your way. You are not alone doing the exercises by a “simple” video training. Let me show you my secret power to your true transformation.



You will get access to all the audio files too, to make sure you can download and listen to them even if you are offline


You will receive specially selected musics for your practices and exercises which help you perform various exercises more efficiently and effectively. You can also use this playlist for your home practice and just for fun!



For the live calls, you’ll receive downloadable Sexy Playbooks with step-by-step exercises, guidance, practices, breakthrough supportive questions which will support your true transformations on the best way. Participants in my previous Mastery Programmes have found the Playbooks very effective and efficient to reach incredible results.


I will creating a safe, non-judgemental space and ensure ongoing support in our Private Community Group where you can share, ask and connect with likeminded women from all around the world. This extra support will help you to keep moving forward and don’t fall back into your old patterns and limitations every step of the way! And of course more inspiration contents will support your journey!


Behind the scenes secrets…we are not talking about so much how we can fully support our transformational processes. I have experienced in the last 16 years that what we take in, is at least so important that the  mental-emotional, spiritual inner work.

In the bonuses I share my secret recipes for reaching guaranteed results in the form of e-books and videos.

Plus I will  surprise you with more gifts on the way :0)

Bonus #1

Specific essential oils and Aura Soma support your transformational process and the creation of Your Orgasmic LifeStyle.

Bonus #2

Superfoods, vitamins and supplements as a hidden pillar of Your Orgasmic LifeStyle.

Bonus #3

How to support your body from inside during your deep transformations and your healing processes?

Bonus #4

My secret recipes and practices for my inner and outer beauty, aliveness and radiance which is essential to Your Orgasmic LifeStyle.

 1-Year access

On top of that, you get 1-Year access to all training material so that you don’t have to rush anything and can come back to each part on your own pace.


Are you ready to claim your Best Orgasmic Life ever?

Who am I?


Orgasm Coach

Sexual Trauma Healing and Grief Specialist

Certified Sex, Love and Relationship Coach

I help women to feel safe being emotionally intimate with men & enjoying sexual pleasure, by healing their sexual trauma and ending the power games of love. With my EMPRESS-O Method I support You to create the Best Orgasmic LifeStyle every step on the way.

If you just meet me first time or just know me for a short time you could think that I have always been so alive with full of energy, super sexual with radiant smile who is speaking naturally about sexuality, intimacy, sexual abuse. I can tell you, I was not always like this.

I was also there…on the other side …. to devote myself to the crumbs of visible love and attention, just paying attention to the lack and working hard for everything. Shame, secrets, lies (mostly by deceiving myself that everything is fine and I know more, I don’t deserve better) have soaked my everyday life. I hated, abused, and poisoned my body so much that I was completely numb both physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

And my life has come to a standstill several times, because of my “good little inner girl” I wanted to meet everyone’s requirements and I was the last on my to-do list. Sometimes, of course, the hysterical drama queen exploded or my emotions like a volcano. I turned off a lot of things, “no one understood me,” “I’m just that junk,” I was so important at all levels of self-hatred, shame, humiliation, and guts at the age of 30, and all area of my life completely collapsed.

That was the point in my life when I started to change my perspective, my relationship with myself, and completely reassessed my whole life so far.


Since than it was not a “fairy tale walking”, but I am grateful for every moment, for all the teaching (even if I didn’t feel that way at all in the difficult moments) because without it, I would not be able to become who I am today!

For the last 15+ years, I have had the opportunity to learn femininity, hundreds of different tools, techniques and methodologies of sacred sexuality, resolving traumas and grief recover from the world’s TOP teachers and masters.


“My inner voice told me that I needed Your radiance because I was longing for such radiance as well. Thank you very much for your teachings!

For me, working together was inspiring, enlightening and uplifting. I accepted myself as I am and started to see the beauties of my body and soul. I recommend it to every woman. ”


“They will get a lot of information and tips to improve, but it also requires them to invest time in themselves, to practice. They can expect to be held and supported by whatever they ask from you. ”


“Andrea is very attentive, precise and the programs flow in 100% female quality. She smuggled fine, soft femininity everywhere. It handles any requests, problems and bottlenecks flexibly. ”


“It’s very touching the way you pay attention to everyone, with love and devotion. You always put a huge emphasis on making it all happen in a safe energy space, the trust in you developed very quickly even in the first course. I loved the way you nicely put questions to the root of the problems so that I could figure out what the problem was. ”


“Andrea is an authentic source because she builds on her own aliveness. I got closer to myself, I know how free and easy it is to be. ”


„The three most important things are that they can turn to you with complete confidence, that they receive incredible devotion and full support, and that their lives are changing in a fantastic direction.”


Do not hesitate if you are ready for a life-changing momentum and create an unforgettable life.

My 15 year vision

  • In 15 years, I want to live in a world where it no longer exists that women feel guilty, ashamed of their bodies, torture, self-punish, abuse, hate their bodies, breasts, genitals, suppress their feelings, their opinions.
  • In 15 years, I want to live in a world where every woman loves, accepts her body, her femininity, connects to the essence of the pure feminine power, the power of their womb without fear, and is able to express her real needs and desires without fear.
  • In 15 years, I want to live in a world where sexual abuse no longer exists and pure sacred sexuality in harmonious relationships is part of our everyday lives.

And I work on this vision every single day and I truly belief this vision becomes my reality. I experience every single day that I am able to support deeper and deeper processes of my Clients.

Live Your Best Orgasmic Life! Mastery Programme is NOT for you if


  • you keep complaining and blaming others for your problems,
  • you are not willing to take responsibility for yourself,
  • in your free time you prefer to watch romantic movies on Netflix and keep dreaming,
  • you are not cooperative for your true transformation.

Why choose me?

This is a fantastic question! Participants in my previous Online Mastery Programmes said:


„Working with Andrea is practical and therefore very useful, informative and endlessly lovingly healing.”



“Security, retention, experiencing depths about yourself”


“It was safe for me all along. It has made great changes in my life! You were available all the way when I needed you! I got the support I needed all along. ”


“Andrea’s wisdom and judgment-free attention supports and feels clear from afar. In this safe space, it is easy to evolve and come into harmony with ourselves. I started to really grow up and experience the beauty of my body.

My goodness has become stronger and more sensitive, thanks to which I have much more pleasure. I have made great strides in self-love, self-acceptance, and I have received many gifts on both a material and emotional level. ”

Anett G.

“Clear, reliable, authentic. For a moment, Dear Andrea, working together with you, I did not feel that I could have any doubts about the safety of the process. Your credibility is the most important to me.

I feel more daring to take on myself, my feelings, my sexuality. I liked that I can take on without taboos, we can take on ourselves. I think there are still a lot of taboos, beliefs about sexuality and I find it sad that Couples don’t even dare to talk honestly about each other about their corporeality and desires.

I even dare to assume myself, my desires. Although I am in the exceptional position of having managed to have sex so far, I have become even more liberated as a result of the exercises. Thanks to the Heavens, I also got a wonderful Dear :)”


“Support, our own pace and everyone has the inner strength to change. It has made it easier and more open in several areas. I take a greater interest in myself to pay attention to my body and take care of myself.

What I liked the best was that it was a group programme, but still individual. The strength of the group was felt but everyone was moving at their own pace and I didn’t feel like I wanted to resemble the pace of others. ”


“It is very touching as you pay attention to everyone, with love and devotion. You always put your huge emphasis on making it all happen in a secure energy space, my trust was created very quickly on the first course.

I loved the way you were guiding me to roots of the problems. For me, the mastery programme completely turned my life upside down, I became much more aware of my sexuality, I expressed my needs and desires more often and I was able to express what I am and also what I am not.

Or I’ve also experienced that I deserve all the pleasure I can experience, not just in sexual sense. I find myself, my body, my radiance more confident and more beautiful, more feminine. What I liked about the programme:

The system, that I constantly devoted time and energy to myself, and I was able to do all this with other wonderful women.”


“Andrea’s positive presence made the healing processes and deeper points of the practice bearable. She watched us all the way and radiated safety towards us. A lot of rest is needed during the course. Lightness and openness are important, which can lead to fabulous experiences. My vaginal muscles were strengthened; I can pay attention more and more inward. I loved the accompanying videos and Andrea’s regular check-ins. I am more gentle and more determined. I am able to allow and receive more joy and pleasure in my life and by the end of the course the internal storm had subsided and I am happy for my life again.

My relationship with your body, your sexuality, deepened as a result of the exercises. More importantly, I saw how much work and opportunity I still have left.”


„1. Abundant information 2. Lots of motivation 3. Safe space It’s very good to work with Andrea because she’s very inspiring, supportive and won’t leave you, you can count on her if you need help!”


“Andrea’s wisdom and judgment-free attention supports and feels clear from afar. In this safe space, it is easy to develop and get in harmony with ourselves. ”


„Everyone will be completely safe next to you, with full devotion and support, and you can bring incredible relief and respiration!”


“Lots of useful advice, Andrea is absolutely open, honest and transparent and creating a deep, loving atmosphere”

Anna M.

“Clean, reliable, authentic. For a moment, Dear Andrea, working together with you, I did not feel that I could have any doubts about the safety of the process. Your credibility is most important to me. ”


„The three most important things are that they can turn to you with complete confidence, that they will receive incredible devotion and full support and that their lives will change in a fantastic direction. I accept my body much better than before. I notice the games or the manipulation sooner and I can say or talk about what I want.

I stand up much better for myself ? What did you like best? Your support. I loved everything, I can’t really choose separately because the exercises were fantastic too, and I was always happy to look in the mirror afterwards.

So the whole thing was really great again! definitely, I accept myself much better. ”

Annamaria K.

“Everyone can always count on you, you have a great knowledge background, you do it all from the heart. I am more loving to myself. ”


“My message to other women:

Dare to live what comes up, don’t get stuck in it, let it if it’s pleasant, or if not. It’s very good to work with you. (Although you’d always be by my side.)

When you feel like I can’t unscrew myself from this, hop on a simple sentence or technique from you and the thought is coming up: why I didn’t think about it.

The connection with my body is way better. There are more and more moments when I feel like it’s so perfect. ”


“It was safe for me all along. It has made great changes in my life! You were on order all along whenever I needed you! I got the support I needed all along. I love my body more than before. I experience my sexuality more freely and enjoy it more, it has greatly changed the quality of being with my husband. Our coexistences are more sacred, more deeply connected.

What did I like best about the programme? The fact that I finally understood and learned what I only knew in my head before that the signaling of our body is amazingly important! And I already feel like I’m hearing it when I’m signaling, and I’m not afraid to act accordingly. ”


“If anyone has any questions or concerns, you’re always there to help, which is a wonderful thing from you! Thank you. There is a great deal of knowledge behind you. We need to learn to listen to ourselves and our bodies. I feel more feminine. I think the Mastery programme was very well put together.”


“Clean, lovingly and deeply transformative. I got closer to myself. What was my favourite thing about the Mastery Course? Security”


Frequently asked Questions

I don't have a partner at the moment can I still join the Mastery Programme?


This Mastery Programme is about working on yourself first and creating changes in your life in all level, holistically.

If you are in a relationship I can support you if you face challenges in your relationship.

I am already enjoying my sex life and I am ok with my orgasmic capacity, will this Mastery Programme still be of value to me?

For sure! Before I started with any type of sacred sexuality work I also considered my sex-life to be pretty good, and then I discovered a whole new layers of depth to sexuality, and I also discovered a whole other side of my sexuality I didn’t even know I had!

So yes, there is always more, you can always go deeper, and transform the self-sabotages on that level and when you awaken the Orgasmic Woman inside of you, she will absolutely take you to Your Best Orgasmic Life!

When does the Mastery Programme start?

The official start of the Mastery Programme happens on 1st May 2021 with our first live call.

When are the Live Programme Calls?

Live Programme Calls will happen on Saturdays. The first live call will happen on the 1st  May 2021 which is the official opening date of the Mastery Programme.

Time: 10am PST/1pm EST/ 7pm CET


Are replay's available if I can't join live?

The live calls in Zoom will be recorded and they will be online within 24-48H.

You can do the exercises at home safely. If you want to ask a personal question, you can do it in advance and I will answer it on the live calls.

Do I need any training or practice to participate in the Mastery Programme?

No prior training or prior knowledge of any specific practice is required.

Will I have the opportunity to ask in person?

Yes, you will have the opportunity to ask your personal question in advance and during the Mastery Programme, as well as in the Private Community Group during the Mastery Programme.

Will there be theory or possibly practice in the Mastery Programme?

I am a very practical person and I hold Mastery Programme according to high standards.

Once you have a theoretical foundation (satisfying your mind), you will have the opportunity to learn exercises that you can incorporate into your rushed everyday life to achieve real and true transformation in your life.

I work with holistic methods, I am committed to lasting and true transformation in which I provide maximum support.

What is your refund policy?

All purchases are final and non-refundable. 

YES! I’m ready for the change!

Unleash Your Feminine Orgasmic Capacity With Ease, Joylessly!

Step for Yourself and Change NOW!

Live your true values!
Enjoy the REAL Woman within you!