I’m Girisha Andrea

Certified Sex, Love and Relationship Coach

Orgasm Coach and Sexual Trauma Healing

and Grief Specialist

I help women become confident in their orgasms so they can heal past trauma and abusive relationships. 

Orgasm Coaching

Do you wanna live an orgasmic life?

Trauma Healing

Do you feel something is missing to live a fulfilled love & intimate life?

Orgasm Coaching

Connect with your pleasure! Pleasure is your birth right!

Here is the safe space to experience the pleasure of your body.

Grief Recovery

Your loved one died? A relationship ended? You went through miscarriage or abortion? You lost your baby or child? Is it hard to get over of your loss?

Do you feel you died already and hard to survive every single day? You need support in this challenging period?

Sexual Trauma Healing

All we experienced traumas since our childhood which has effect on feeling safe in our body, in our relationship and opening up in intimacy.

Here is the safe space to face these wounds and create a deeper connection with your beautiful body and feel safe in intimacy.

Jade egg Coaching

With this special gem and an ancient technique you are able to fully transform your life, connection with your feminine body, your intimacy and sexual life.



What is my Holistic approach?

In the last 15+ years I have learnt more hundreds methods all around the world from the best teachers and masters. By now a have been creating a holistic method due to reach true transformation.

The key is to find the core wounds and bring true healing in the moment on body-mind-emotion-soul-spirit level. As I am fully present with you during the session to work with the best combination of the healing methods which lead to the perfect results.

Who is Holistic Coaching For?

My Holistic Coaching is for You if YOU ARE READY TO COMMIT TO YOURSELF. If you are ready to invest in having what you want, having it all you deserve. I am here for you to support toward your deep and true transformation.

So, are you ready to rewrite your old story?

What is

The EMPRESS-O Method?

The key is to find the core wounds and bring true healing in the moment on body-mind-emotion-soul-spirit level.

As I am fully present with you during the session to work with the best combination of the healing methods which lead to the perfect results and the real transformation.

What does E-M-P-R-E-S-S–O stands for? Find out here >>

E for...
Embrace confidence in your body and self-love
M for...
Magnet sexual energy manifestation
P for...
Purify your yoni from pain, insensibility and traumas
R for ...
Rejuvenates your reproductive system
E for...
Empower your feminine essence
S for...
Strengthen your healthy boundaries
S again for...
Supercharge your pleasure
O for...
Overcome unworthiness and unsafety around your sexuality


Featured as #4 LOVE COACH across the world after Star Coach Matthew Hussey in 2021


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Who am I?

I was also there …. to devote myself to the crumbs of visible love and attention, just paying attention to the lack and working hard for everything. Shame, secrets, lies (mostly by deceiving myself that everything is fine and I know more, I don’t deserve better) have soaked my everyday life.

I hated, abused, and poisoned my body so much that I was completely numb both physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. And my life has come to a standstill several times, because of my “good little inner girl” I wanted to meet everyone’s requirements and I was the last on my to-do list.

Sometimes, of course, the hysterical drama queen exploded or my emotions like a volcano. I turned off a lot of things, “no one understood me,” “I’m just that junk,” I was so important at all levels of self-hatred, shame, humiliation, and guts at the age of 30, and all area of my life completely collapsed.

That was the point when I started to change my perspective, my relationship with myself, and completely reassessed my whole life so far. I WAS READY FOR A TRUE TRANSFORMATION, THAT WAS ABSOLUTELY A LIFE CHANGING MOMENTUM!

Which was not a fairy tale walking, but I am grateful for every moment, for all the teaching (even if I didn’t feel that way at all in the difficult moments) because without it, I would not be able to become who I am today!

For the last 15+ years, I have had the opportunity to learn femininity, different methodologies of sacred sexuality, resolving traumas and mourning processing, and high-quality, world-class representation from the world’s TOP teachers and masters.


“My inner voice told me that I needed Your radiance because I have been longing for such radiance as well. Thank you very much for your teachings!

For me, working together was inspiring, enlightening and uplifting. I accepted myself as I am and saw the beauties of my body and soul. I recommend it to every woman. ”


“I love my body more than before. I live my sexuality more freely and enjoy it more, it has greatly changed the quality of being with my husband.

Our coexistences are more sacred, more deeply connected. I felt totally in safe during the programme, you were there all the time and I got all the support when I needed”


“The programe completely turned my life upside down, I became much more aware of my sexuality, I become more aligned to express my needs and desires, what I want and do not want. And I’ve also experienced that I can give all the pleasure to myself and it was just a huge liberation not to expect from a man anymore. I find myself, my body, my radiance more confident, more beautiful and more feminine.

It is very touching as you pay attention to everyone, with love, devotion. You always put a huge emphasis on breaking it all in a saf energy space, the confidence that developed very quickly towards you. I loved the way you guided with questions about the root of the problems, so that I could find my own answers.”


Summits / Speaking Events

Sensual Sirene Activation Show

The 2020 Sacred Woman Event


Unstoppable YOU Live Stream

Juicy Love SUMMIT!

Balance & Leadership Roundtable UNCSW65 Parallel Event



Wild Women Collective

Women Coaches Collective

Do not hesitate if you are ready for a life-changing momentum and create an unforgettable life.

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